New pill reduces stubborn deep abdominal fat that causes the pot belly.

This fat cannot be reduced by diet or exercise.

By Daniel Hanford, Media Services

     A major new breakthrough pill that reduces deep abdominal fat that causes the pot belly has been announced by BioTech Research.

     The brand name of this pill is AbGONE™.  It is now available to the public.

     AbGONE™ was developed from research conducted at the Universities of Yale, Pittsburgh, UCLA, and California. It was found in this research that fat in the abdomen is different than the rest of your body. And, there are 2 types of abdominal fat, outer fat and intestinal fat.

     Certain factors cause fat to collect in the abdominal area in excess.

     But what makes abdominal fat different from the rest of the fat in the body also provided researchers with a way to reduce it with a number of natural substances which reduce both types of abdominal fat.

     Here is my eye-opening interview with Frank Campitelli, Director of BioTech Research. Research studies are noted and referenced in this interview.*

BioTech Research® Director Frank Campitelli is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and is on the board of the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT). Campitelli is also an all-time best selling author on health and fitness.

Q. Frank, how did BioTech Research develop this remarkable AbGONE™ pill with ingredients that reduce fat in the abdomen?

A. It took five years to develop the AbGONE™ pill.We started out by reviewing large volumes of research that had been done on why so much fat is disproportionately stored in the abdomen. This research was conducted at Yale University. (2)

     This research found that abdominal fat was different than in the rest of the body. (1)

     From this initial research, we knew we could develop a pill to reduce abdominal fat. We also found that there were harmful effects of abdominal excess fat. These included the fact that people with a pot belly had a greater tendency to certain health problems. (2)

     We also found that they had social difficulties and had greater rates of unemployment and divorce. (3)

Q. It has always been thought in the scientific community that you could not spot reduce fat. Is that not true?

You can say good-bye to your pot belly

A. The ingredients in AbGONE™ do not spot reduce ordinary fat. They help reduce ordinary fat uniformly over the entire body. The ingredients in AbGONE™ enable the body to reduce excess fat in the abdomen that the body could not reduce before. And they help inhibit the excess collection of abdominal fat in the future. Therefore, the abdomen is reduced in size much better than before.

Q. How is abdominal fat different from other fat in the body?

A. Abdominal fat is much more sensitive to a certain hormone which enlarges the fat. I will elaborate shortly.

     There are basically two different types of fat in the body. The first is outer fat found under the skin surface. The second is intestinal fat which is deep in the abdomen.

     Now, this is important.

     It is possible to reduce the surface fat in the body but still have significant abdominal intestinal fat which cannot be reduced with diet or exercise.

     That is why, even when people become super thin and have no visible fat on their body, they often still have a pot belly. That is because the intestinal fat is still collected deep in the abdomen.

Q. How do the ingredients in AbGONE™ help reduce abdominal surface and intestinal fat?

A. We found in a number of research studies on laboratory animals, later confirmed in human studies, a substance called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Studies of CLA suggest that CLA decreases body fat in three ways: 1.) CLA decreases body fat mass by decreasing the amount of fat that is stored after eating; 2.) CLA increases the rate of fat breakdown in fat cells; and 3.) CLA increases the rate of fat metabolism which decreases the total number of fat cells. You can think of CLA as a match that lights the fuse in fat. This fuse increases the metabolic rate of fat that can result in subsequent fat loss.

     Studies have shown that you can reduce abdominal fat within 4 weeks.(4) AbGONE™ contains a good dose of CLA.

     There are also a number of other beneficial effects to CLA that help decrease the future storage of fat.

Q. How can CLA help decrease the future storage of fat?

A. CLA interferes with an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL). LPL is an enzyme that helps store fat in the body. (11) So, by inhibiting this fat-storing enzyme LPL, CLA can help reduce the re-accumulation of fat.

     CLA also helps the body use its existing fat for energy, thereby increasing fat oxidation and energy expenditure.

Q. What is the hormone that causes fat to accumulate disproportionately in the body?

A. The hormone Cortisol has been found in studies at UCLA, Yale and many other universities to directly contribute to the collection of fat in the abdomen. (5) Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that breaks down dead or damaged tissues so they can be eliminated by the body. Lower levels of Cortisol have some functional effects. Higher levels of Cortisol are harmful.

     These university studies found that stress directly increases Cortisol levels to the point of being harmful. (2)

     These stress-induced Cortisol level increases have been linked to increasing abdominal fat. (2) The reason for this is that there are 4 times more Cortisol receptors in abdominal fat than there are in fat in the rest of the body. (3) This is why abdominal fat is much more sensitive to the fat accumulating effects of Cortisol.

     Abdominal fat responds to circulating Cortisol levels by further increasing in size. (3) And, these large central fat deposits in the abdomen can contribute to problems and promote other risk factors like high cholesterol levels. (3) 

     According to research at the University of California in San Francisco, higher levels of Cortisol and stress can actually increase appetite, especially cravings for sweet foods. (6) So it’s a cascading effect causing people to get fatter and fatter.

Below are 2 of the over 1 million AbGONE satisfied customers

     Therefore it is imperative to stop high levels of Cortisol in its tracks if you want to reduce abdominal fat.

Q. So how do you control Cortisol levels?

A. The simplest way is to eliminate stress in your life. However, with modern life, eliminating stress is virtually impossible. The alternative is to use nutriceuticals that studies indicate reduce Cortisol levels. We also put these all natural nutriceuticals in AbGONE™.

Q. Can you tell me more about these nutriceuticals in AbGONE™ shown to reduce Cortisol?

A. Yes I can. There are certain vitamins and minerals that have been shown to reduce Cortisol levels in high stress situations. (7) But you can’t just take a multiple vitamin to reduce Cortisol because there’s a lot of other things that you need to have in order for them to work.

     One of these critical nutrients that you need is Phosphatidylserine (PS). Several studies at the University of Naples in Italy and at Cal State University in the U.S. indicate that PS can lower cortisol levels. PS has another good side effect in that it is also a brain power booster. The stopping of excessive Cortisol is also important for your psychological condition. It may help improve mood and reduce anxiety. (8, 9)

     These synergistic nutrients in AbGONE™ helps reduce abdominal fat as aforementioned. Fat in the abdomen also has more Cortisol receptors than does fat in the rest of the body as aforementioned. So lowering Cortisol levels can help reduce fat in the abdomen.

     Eating too much sugars also affect abdominal fat which is also addressed in the AbGONE™ ingredients.

Q. How are blood sugars addressed in the AbGONE™ ingredients?

A. AbGONE™ contains a highly absorbable form of chromium, a trace mineral shown to have powerful benefits in regulating blood sugar levels. (12) Chromium works by helping the body store less sugars as fat.

Q. Are there any other benefits to the AbGONE™ ingredients?

A. The answer to the question is a yes. Not only do the ingredients gradually help reduce abdominal fat, but they also have a multitude of health and other benefits. These include anti-oxidant effects, supporting healthy blood sugar levels, neurological boosting effects, preserving lean body mass, and supporting optimal water balance.

     A lot of the excess pounds that people carry is excess water which is not needed by the body and can be harmful.

     AbGONE™ also contains an exotic herb, Dandelion Root, that studies have shown can help decrease excess water in the body. (10) This can really help reduce and show a firm abdomen because large amounts of the excess water is in the abdomen. Men can show the “six pack” and women can get that smooth, firm, flat abdomen.

     Therefore, AbGONE™ has triple action ingredients that helps support abdominal fat loss and a healthy body.

Q. Can you summarize these 3 components of the AbGONE™ ingredients?

A. Yes, I would like to preface that by the fact that you need all 3 of these components working to properly reduce abdominal fat, reduce the overall size of the abdomen and maximize the appearance of the abdomen. These 3 mechanisms of action are:

     1. The AbGONE™ ingredients increase the rate of fat metabolism, which reduces both surface and intestinal abdominal fat and helps inhibit future formation of these abdominal fats.

     2. AbGONE™ ingredients help lower harmful high Cortisol levels which have been linked to increasing both surface and intestinal abdominal fat and causing binge eating. Therefore, they help reduce both surface and intestinal abdominal fat.

     3. AbGONE™ ingredients help support optimal body water balance. Therefore, you are not carrying all of those excess pounds caused by excess body water. Excess body water can increase the size of the abdomen and hide your abdominal muscles as well as other muscles and make you look puffy and flabby.

Q. Does AbGONE™ contain Ephedra or other harmful stimulants?

A. Absolutely not. The ingredients in AbGONE™ are non-stimulant. The only side effects of the ingredients you should see in AbGONE™ are a better appearance, better mental function, and better health. Proper eating and exercise can further potentiate the effects of AbGONE™.

     AbGONE™ pills come in a 30-day supply bottle. University studies show people can reduce their abdominal fat in 30 days. AbGONE™ will not be in stores for an extended period until we can get enough AbGONE™ ingredients, which are costly and time consuming to produce, in high quantity for store inventories. In the meantime, readers can order direct from BioTech Research.

     Today you can get a big discount on AbGONE™. The regular price of AbGONE™ is $99.00 a bottle plus $9.95 shipping and handling for a total of $108.95. You can get a major discount and get one bottle for only $59; two bottles for only $49 each and three or more bottles for only $39 each with free shipping and handling

     AbGONE comes with a full satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied you will receive every cent of your money back, no questions asked. BioTech Research has been a reliable company for over 30 years so you can rely on this guarantee.

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