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We are writing to inform you of the miracle of High Level Resistance Exercise provided by Biotech Research®. It will quickly make you fit and trim. But more importantly, it can save your life. It will save you a lot of suffering and a lot of money on healthcare costs. You can avoid becoming disabled and disfigured as you get older, and then put in a nursing home.

And we want to tell you, it’s never too late. A Tufts University clinical study used resistance exercise to rehabilitate people in their nineties in nursing homes who were bedridden and in wheelchairs. The resistance exercise rebuilt their bodies to the point where they could walk and be functional again.

There are a lot of scams out there on health and fitness. We can testify that Biotech Research® is the Real Deal. That’s because we have lived it for 30 years. We were a case study as part of the research and development of Biotech Research®.

We are Nancy and Ben Suarez, and we are 75 and 77 years old respectively. We started using Frank Campitelli as a personal trainer to get High Level Resistance Exercise over 30 years ago. We really did not know then how good it was going to be for us. Now that we are in our 70s, we see the results compared to our lifelong friends and relatives in our age group. Over half of them are deceased. A large part of the balance have had strokes, heart bypass surgeries, and other serious health problems. A number of them are in nursing homes. There are a few that have not had serious health problems. But these few cannot compare to what Nancy and I can do physically. In fact, we can lift more weight and run faster than most people in their 20s. We can play sports with our grandkids. Nearly everybody our age takes prescription drugs. We take no prescription drugs.

Back 30 years ago, in order to get High Level Resistance Exercise, a person needed a Certified Personal Trainer, a full gym and about 5 hours of exercise per week. Few people can afford that. We own a major company that provides innovative products for the home including the EdenPURE® Heater. So 25 years ago, we asked Campitelli to start a Health and Fitness division in our company to make High Level Resistance Exercise more affordable and time efficient. Campitelli agreed and put together a team of Doctors, Nutritionists and other health and fitness scientists from Beverly Hills, California who serviced The Hollywood Movie Stars. This division became Biotech Research®.

After a few years of research, Campitelli developed a way to do exercises for 10 minutes at a time, without rest, by alternating the muscle groups every few minutes. They call it Alternate Muscle Sequence Technology. New research now shows that doing such High Level Resistance Exercise for long periods without resting actually has the extra benefit of your body producing additional good hormones. It also gives you aerobic exercise at the same time.

Campitelli, along with Biotech Research® scientists, developed a no-rest, 10-minute workout that was done with no equipment using a person’s body weight for exercise and isometric exercises. It was called the Bronze Program. A clinical study was commissioned on the Bronze Program with Cleveland Clinic doctors using 28 overweight and sedentary research subjects. The results were dramatic. They lost a massive amount of body fat and gained muscle. In 11 weeks, women lost 6 dress sizes and men lost 6 pants sizes. And they also greatly improved their health by lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides and other bad health elements.

Recently, Frank Campitelli, Biotech Research® co-director Debrae Barensfeld, and Biotech Research® scientists and engineers developed a 10-minute-a-day, no rest, 5-days-a-week exercise program using soft, adjustable weight kettle bells. It gets much better results than the Bronze Program. This new, advanced method is the Biotech Research® Silver Program. There is a Silver Senior Program and a Silver Advanced Program.

Over the past 18 years there have been numerous clinical studies on the health benefits of exercise. It has been concluded by Medical Science, as reported in Time Magazine a number of years ago, that exercise is the best medicine on Earth.

But more recent studies have zeroed in on the type of exercise that produces the best results. That type of exercise is overwhelmingly concluded to be Resistance Exercise, specifically High Level Resistance Exercise as provided by the Biotech Research® Silver Program.

These studies have found that the majority of health problems are directly related to the loss of muscle mass. The loss of muscle mass starts after age 25 due to inactivity or exercises that do not put adequate demand on muscles in order to maintain muscle mass. It is nature’s law that you use it or lose it. Walking, jogging, running, bike riding and other aerobic exercise will not do the job. Neither will house chores or the exercise you think you get on your job. Also, high level resistance exercise burns 528% more calories per minute of exercise than aerobic exercise.

When you lose muscle mass, it starts a negative chain reaction. The body adapts following the law of nature that, again, “YOU USE IT OR LOSE IT”. Therefore your bones deteriorate. Your body, sensing that it does not have to maintain larger muscles and bones, also deteriorates your organs, glands, cardiovascular system and brain. Muscle is also the main body component that burns calories. A pound of muscle burns 30 calories a day. Therefore, when you lose muscle, you burn less calories a day and thus you gain body fat. Body fat is not only unsightly, but it is toxic. Excess body fat produces many bad hormones and other toxins.

On the other hand, when you do High Level Resistance Exercise, a positive chain reaction restores your muscle, bones, organs, glands, brain and greatly reduces body fat.

It has been found that muscles do a lot more than provide movement and strength. Muscles also provide many good hormones and enzymes. Also, muscle produces the majority of power for blood circulation. The heart is mainly a regulator of blood circulation.

Therefore, without resistance exercise, as a person gets older, they eventually become a BAG OF FAT WITH SPAGHETTI-LIKE MUSCLES AND THIN TWIGS FOR BONES. If they fall, it usually causes serious, debilitating damage. And they are more likely to fall because, without good muscle mass, a person’s balance is greatly reduced. They then must be put in a nursing home.

Medical science has now concluded that MUSCLE IS KING FOR GOOD HEALTH. Numerous studies have shown that the amount of muscle you have will determine your life expectancy and susceptibility to disease. It will also greatly increase your chances of surviving a serious disease.

Unlike the heavy metal weights which cause injury, the Silver Program has soft kettle bell bags of 5 lbs. and 8 lbs. which then can be put into a soft, kettle bell holder bag which then can be adjusted in weight to more than 8 lbs.

All you need is the Biotech Research® Silver Program. The instruction cards are provided, the soft adjustable kettle bell weights are provided. And the Advanced Program upgrades the amount of exercise you can do with an exercise ball. Also, both programs get you the Biotech Research® No Hunger Fat Flush Diets.

Think about it. With Biotech Research®, a person at any age in only 10 minutes a day in their bedroom can get High Level Resistance Exercise in the same actual amount as in 60 minutes of a typical gym resistance workout. They do it only 10 minutes a day weekdays which totals only 50 minutes a week but provides the same amount of exercise as 5 hours of typical gym resistance exercise.

After we started training with Frank 30 years ago, we were so impressed with the results we got, such as how much better we looked, how much better we felt and how much better we could perform. So we tried to get our friends and relatives to train with Frank. None of them would do it. They came up with excuses such as they didn’t have the time and money. Yet they would spend thousands of dollars on clothes and cars. We told them, what good are clothes and cars if you don’t have your health? They didn’t listen to us and they suffered the consequences. As we mentioned before, most of them are deceased, have serious health problems, or are in nursing homes.

Many of them had old-style doctors who were uneducated in exercise and nutrition. They told them they were too old to exercise. If you have an old-style doctor who doesn’t continue their education, find one of the new breed of doctors who is educated on the new knowledge concerning exercise and nutrition. Also, these old-style doctors many times overdo prescription drugs. There are good prescription drugs and there are bad prescription drugs. The bad prescription drugs cause more harm than good.

Also, if you are experiencing memory loss or other brain malfunctions you need to buy the following book: The End of Alzheimer’s, by Dr. Dale Bredesen. Doctor Bredesen is now considered the leading authority on curing memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s. In his studies at UCLA he found that prescription drugs will not cure memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s. He cures them with, guess what? You’re right – exercise and nutrition. He has already cured women who had memory loss so bad that they could not recognize their own children. He has trained many doctors across the nation who use his method. Check his website for a doctor near you.

GenesisBODY’s nutritionist Cristiana Paul will also provide you with a great education on nutrition along with your Silver Advanced Program. Cristiana is our nutritionist and nutritionist to The Hollywood Movie Stars. You will find that you need 61 critical nutrients for good health. But the average person gets less than 20 of these critical nutrients. Biotech Research® will turn you into a new person. You will be trim and shapely. You will perform much better, both physically and mentally. Your sex life will also greatly improve. You can avoid being left out of activities with family and friends. You will not be left alone in your home or nursing home. You will be stronger and fitter than most younger people.


Ben Suarez

Nancy Suarez



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