Why 50 minutes of Biotech Research® exercise provides better results than 5 hours of typical full gym workouts

It is because of an advanced technology called Alternating Muscle Sequence (AMS). AMS eliminates wasteful rest time from workouts. Also, Biotech Research® high tech exercises burn 528% more calories per minute than aerobic exercise.

Early on in the Biotech Research® research and development project, Biotech Research® scientists found that out of a one hour typical full gym resistance workout that 51.5 minutes was spent resting and only 8 1/2 minutes was spent exercising which is technically called Time Under Tension (TUT). In popular public gyms, which are crowded, this TUT can be less than 5 minutes due to waiting for machines and socializing.

The Biotech Research® exercise scientists then developed a high-tech sequence of exercises that did not require rest for long periods of time. Each exercise in sequence used a different set of muscles than the preceding exercise. And the succeeding exercise then used a different set of muscles. This allowed a person to go 10 minutes to 50 minutes of TUT without resting. 

They also found another benefit. This advanced exercise provided both aerobic and anaerobic (resistance) exercises at the same time. Therefore, with AMS Technology, 50 minutes of Biotech Research® exercise produces better results than 5 hours of typical exercise in a full gym. TUT is the only thing that matters in exercise. Rest is a negative factor.


Time Magazine reported: Exercise is the best medicine on Earth All of the information above shows that: Biotech Research® is the best exercise on Earth

Time Magazine did a major report on all of the numerous clinical studies that have now shown that exercise is the best medicine on Earth. You can read this article online at 

The forgoing information here, including the clinical study, shows that Biotech Research® is the best exercise on Earth. Not only will it provide you with rapid weight loss and a shapely body, but it will also enable you to avoid becoming disabled and disfigured as you get older and will provide you with a much longer life. Inactivity is the main cause of health problems. It causes muscles to deteriorate which then causes the negative chain reaction of bone, organ, gland and brain deterioration. It is Nature’s Law that “You Use It Or Lose It.” Conversely, when you do High Level Resistance Exercise provided by Biotech Research®, it restores muscle and causes the positive chain reaction of rebuilding bones, organs, glands and brain.
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