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Research Finds the 5 Causes of Abdominal Bulge… And Excess Fat Is Not The Biggest Cause

   New research has found the 5 causes of abdominal bulge. This research has found that one of the biggest causes of abdominal bulge is weak muscles in other parts of the body, not the abdomen.

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Frank Campitelli, CPT

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Cristiana Paul, MSN

Lead Nutritionist and Nutritionist to the Stars

   This research found sit-ups only strengthen the upper abdominal muscles and not the lower abdominal muscles. Weak lower abdominal muscles cause lower abdominal bulge, even if you lose all of your body fat. 

   This study also found that abdominal bulge is also caused by pregnancy displacing pelvic bones. This can be corrected with targeted special exercises.

   And, this research found that abdominal fat is different from fat in the rest of the body. 

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The Campitelli-Paul Advanced Method For A Flat Abdomen And Thin Waist corrected the 5 Causes of Abdominal Bulge and flattens your abdomen like a board.

   There are 2 types of abdominal fat, subcutaneous, which is on the surface, and visceral, which is deep in the abdomen around the intestines. Visceral fat cannot be reduced with typical dieting. This is why even when people become anorexic and lose all of their body fat, their abdomens still bulge. There is a certain critical nutrient that does reduce visceral fat.

   This new research was conducted by BioTech Research®.

   The good news is this. More extensive research and development by BioTech Research® has provided quick corrections for all of these 5 causes of abdominal bulge. These quick and easy corrections were developed by 2 of the leading experts in the nation on health and fitness. They are on the staff of BioTech Research®.

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   They are two of the nation’s top authorities on reducing abdominal bulge and flattening the abdomen. They are Frank Campitelli and Cristiana Paul. Campitelli wrote the all-time best seller The Campitelli Advanced Method For A Flat Abdomen and a Thin Waist. Cristiana Paul is the nutritionist to the Hollywood stars. They have produced the Campitelli-Paul special report titled How to Correct the 5 Causes of Abdominal Bulge.

   This report is provided free by BioTech Research® in North Canton, Ohio.

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