The fastest, easiest way everto lose weight and get fit.

Lose 6 dress sizes and 6 pant sizes in 11 weeks

     Now you don’t have to spend long hours exercising and starving yourself to lose weight and get fit. With a new high-tech system, you can now lose weight and get fit super fast by exercising only a few minutes a day on weekdays and never go hungry.

     New research from clinical studies by McMaster University, Ohio University, The University of Kentucky, Oregon State University, and many other university and institutions has proven the following:

     This new research has proven conclusively that doing long hours of aerobic exercise such as running, treadmills and exercise bikes will cause you to lose weight very slowly and will cause serious health problems.

     The new research found that when you do long aerobic exercise, such as running, treadmills and exercise bikes, you get very minimal weight loss results. It will deplete your fast twitch muscles which burn the majority of calories in your body. A pound of muscle burns 30 calories per day. So your calorie-burning per day will drop substantially. This will also cause long-term health problems. Long aerobic exercise will also deteriorate your joints.

Long aerobic exercise myth debunked.

     This new research also found conclusively why you will lose weight very slowly when you drastically reduce your calories. This is because, as soon as you drop your calories, your body perceives that it is being starved. It will then drastically lower the calories you burn per day to preserve body fat. And it will increase your hunger because your body is trying to get you to eat more food. You will also ingest much fewer critical nutrients which will cause major health problems in the long run.

     The McMaster University study was the first to explode the myth that aerobic exercise was the best form of exercise. This study found that short, continuous anaerobic exercise that uses resistance burns far more calories than long aerobic exercise such as running, treadmills and exercise bikes, and is far superior to long aerobic exercise to burn body fat much faster. Short, continuous anaerobic exercise burns extra calories for up to 72 hours after you stop the exercise.

Aerobic exercise stops burning extra calories as soon as you stop the exercise.

     This new research also exploded the myth that you need to do long aerobic exercise to get cardiovascular benefits. It was found that short continuous anaerobic exercise produces

cardiovascular benefits that are far better than you get from long aerobic exercise.

New high-tech optimum system developed.

From this new research, the BioTech Research® staff of fitness medical doctors, certified nutritionists and certified personal trainers developed The GenesisBODY™ System. It is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and get fit.

It was clinically proven in a major clinical study conducted by BioTech Research and Cleveland Clinic doctors. The

BioTech Research staff is led by Frank Campitelli, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Campitelli is one of the top personal trainers in the nation. Campitelli is on the board of the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT) that produces the test that certifies personal trainers.

Campitelli has also made many innovations in the field of fitness. He has also conducted a number of clinical studies on health, fitness and weight loss

Optimum Anaerobic Exercise developed.

BioTech Research developed the ultimate form of short anaerobic exercise. It optimizes time efficiency. This exercise is the Optimum Anaerobic Exercise, which only takes 10 minutes a day on weekdays and is part of The GenesisBODY™ System.

     Typical anaerobic exercise using resistance is not very time efficient. It was found in studies that a person doing typical anaerobic exercises is only exercising 10% of the time. For example, doing a 10-repetition set of chest presses only takes 10 seconds. However, it was found that the typical person doing the exercise then rests for a 1 or 2-minute period with the average rest being 90 seconds. Therefore, by eliminating the rest periods, short, continuous anaerobic exercise with no rest periods provides the optimum time efficiency. It was also found that doing anaerobic exercise with no rest periods provides much better weight loss, fitness and health benefits.

     The 10-minute Optimum Anaerobic Exercise is a high tech exercise method that uses the body for resistance. It alternates exercising muscle groups and therefore rests

other muscle groups. Therefore, the person exercising can easily exercise for 10 minutes continuously without resting. Therefore, the 10-minute Optimum Anaerobic Exercise

would be the equivalent, time-wise, of 1.5 hours of typical anaerobic exercise with rest periods. It also provides great cardiovascular benefits. And, it provides much better weight loss, fitness and health benefits.

A total of 5 10-minute exercises was developed that exercise every major muscle in the body. Each 10-minute exercise is done weekdays, Monday through Friday. So there is a Monday exercise, a Tuesday exercise, etc. But these 5 exercises provide the time equivalent of over 8 hours of typical anaerobic exercise with rest periods. The 10 minute Optimum Anaerobic Exercise requires no exercise equipment. All you need is a towel and a chair.

The Ultimate Diet developed.

     BioTech Research then developed the ultimate diet. It made improvements to the diets that are used by professional bodybuilders, professional athletes and entertainment celebrities. These diets were developed over many years by

fitness doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers for bodybuilders in Venice, CA and for entertainment celebrities in Beverly Hills, CA.

     The improved diet by BioTech Research is the Optimum No Hunger Diet, which is personalized.

     The Optimum No Hunger Diet provides the optimum balance of the macronutrients of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and calcium.

It also provides the 32 critical micronutrients that are vitamins and minerals that are necessary to process and metabolize the macronutrients. This stops food cravings. It also provides optimum eating timing to provide protein in a timely manner. This is because, unlike body fat, protein cannot be stored by the body.

Major Clinical Study on the GenesisBODY SystemProduces Sensational Results.

     A major clinical study was conducted on the GenesisBODY System. This clinical study was conducted by BioTech Research and Cleveland Clinic doctors. There were 28 overweight research subjects. The research subjects were given complete physicals by the Cleveland Clinic doctors including blood work analysis before and after the clinical study.

     The GenesisBODY System causes rapid weight loss faster than anything else past or present. In only 11 weeks women lost 6 dress sizes and men lost 6 pant sizes.

     It also greatly improves your health. In only 4 weeks, the research subjects’ health improved dramatically. The research group of 28 people had these results as verified by Cleveland Clinic Medical Doctors’ examinations taken before and after they used the Optimum No Hunger Diet. The 28 clinical test subjects, in only 4 weeks, lost 220 pounds and 169 inches off their bodies. In only 11 weeks, this group lost 416 pounds and 356 inches off their bodies. In only 4 weeks, 75% of the research subjects dropped their blood pressure by an average of 27.50 points. Some dropped their blood pressure over 60 points. And, 81.50% dropped their cholesterol by an average of 36.57 points and some by over 100 points. One person in the group, a diabetic, dropped her glucose (blood sugar) by 39 points.

How to get the GenesisBODY System.

     The GenesisBODY System has the Optimum Anaerobic Exercise on DVD and an access code where you can download the video on your cellphone. The exercises are demonstrated for you by Frank Campitelli, Certified Personal Trainer and Debrae Barensfeld, Certified Personal Trainer. Therefore, you will have, in effect, your own top personal trainers as do celebrities.

     The GenesisBODY System also provides you with the Optimum No Hunger Diet, which is personalized for you. Clinical Study research subjects who used this diet said most of the time they couldn’t even eat all the food on the diet.

     The regular price of The GenesisBODY System is $200.00. But for a limited time BioTech Research is offering it at an Introductory Super Sale for only $79.

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