• The World’s Best and Most Powerful Gym

  • Provides much better exercise than a full commercial gym

  • You can have it in your home

     The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym is the best and most powerful gym in the world. It provides much better exercise and 1000 pounds of resistance which is much more than any exercise station in a full commercial gym. Here are The Big 12 Benefits of The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym Home Gym.

1. Provides resistance from 5 lbs. to 1000 lbs. in small increments.

2. Provides the best type of resistance which is produced from nitrogen gas.

The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym. Up to 1000 lbs. Resistance.

Frank Campitelli and Debrae Barensfeld, BioTech Research® Co-Directors and NFPT Certified Personal Trainers

3. Provides equal resistance through the whole movement.

4. Provides the most resistance in the concentric movement and much less in the eccentric movement, which reduces muscle destruction and muscle soreness. Therefore, you will not need to use dangerous anabolic steroids to get quick recovery from your workout.

You get Certified Personal Trainers Frank Campitelli and Debrae Barensfeld as your Personal Trainers

5. Burns 5.38 times more calories and fat than aerobic exercises like treadmills and exercise bikes. Provides HIIT Training with both resistance exercise and aerobic exercise at the same time.

6. Provides the safest form of exercise without the danger of falling heavy weights and injury producing movements.

7. Provides maximum muscle building due to the least amount of recovery time.

The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym builds big masculine muscles and reduces fat far better than a commercial gym

8. Is perfect for every exercise purpose, including heavy muscle building for men, moderate muscle building for women, and safe muscle building for seniors and disabled people. Muscle mass is the most important factor to good health.

9. You avoid infectious diseases which are prevalent in public gyms.

10. You save many hours of time a year by not having to drive to a gym.

11. You will be more likely to sustain regular exercise with a gym in your home.

The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym builds shapely feminine muscles and reduces fat much better than a commercial gym

12. The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym is a great investment that will pay for itself many times over with no gym fees and the savings on healthcare costs provided by advanced regular resistance and anaerobic exercise.

     The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym was invented by Frank Campitelli who is Co-Director of BioTech Research® with Debrae Barensfeld.

The first portable FULL gym

Assembles and disassembles in seconds. Fits into 3 carrying cases to store in a closet or to go anywhere.

     Frank and Debrae are both Certified Personal Trainers and Subject Matter Experts with the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT). Campitelli is also a best selling fitness book author. Campitelli also directed major BioTech Research® Clinical Studies conducted by Cleveland Clinic Doctors. These studies proved the great health benefits of advance resistance exercise.


Nitroforce advanced exercises burn 5.38 times more calories and fat than aerobic exercise.

Provides both resistance exercise and aerobic exercise at the same time.

     Research subjects lowered their blood pressure, lowered their cholesterol, lowered their blood sugar and lost massive amounts of body fat. These advance resistance exercises are provided by the Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym to the maximum level.

     The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym provides the Ultimate Exercise for men who want big muscles, women who want feminine muscles and seniors who want to maintain and add muscle.

1 hour of Nitroforce exercises burns more calories and fat than if you ran on a treadmill or pedaled an exercise bike for more than 5 hours.

     New scientific research shows conclusively that muscle mass is the number one factor that determines good health. Muscle mass determines your life expectancy and your chance of getting and surviving serious disease. Loss of muscle mass has been scientifically proven as the cause of 50% to 80% of all health problems. The top fitness and medical scientists are saying, “For good health, muscle mass is King.”

     The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym advanced exercise routines produce muscle mass and an explosion of body benefits in the process. This includes the release of tens of thousands of a recently discovered beneficial hormone called myokines. These myokines rejuvenate your muscles, bones, organs, glands, brain, cardiovascular system and even your skin and hair. 

The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym provides Ultimate Exercises for both men and women.

Here are a few of the hundreds of advanced resistance exercises.

Bench Press

Bicep Curl

     It also turns back on beneficial genes that have been shut off through aging.

     With The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym you build muscle and restore muscle much better than all other exercise equipment. You rapidly lose body fat over 5 times faster than aerobic exercise. It will also correct insulin resistance, which is the major cause of excess body fat. Insulin resistance is also the reason that it is virtually impossible to lose excess body fat with the popular diets and exercises.


Upright Row

     The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym is made of high carbon Steel. That means it will last a lifetime. It weighs only 176 lbs. It quickly disassembles and assembles without tools using cam nuts. It disassembles in seconds into 6 pieces which fit into 3 carrying cases. It provides the following conveniences: 

• Use it at home then store it in a closet

• Take it with you when you travel

• Use it at a campsite or on a beach

• Use it on yachts, airplanes and hotel rooms

• Perfect for personal trainers who want to make house calls

Abdominal Crunch

Bent Over Row

     The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym comes with a training video that provides you with NFPT Certified Professional Trainers Frank Campitelli for men, and, Debrae Barensfeld for women as your personal trainer on how to do the advanced exercise routines. 

      You have been authorized to get a $1,000.00 Discount and you can get The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym for only $995 delivered.

Tricep Press

Overhead Press

The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym also provides pulley exercises.

Here are just a few of the many.

Upright Row

Rear Delt

Bicep Curl

Lateral Pulldown

Chest Fly

Tricep Extension

When you compare The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym with the most popular home gym, The Bowflex Revolution, there is no comparison

The regular price of the Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym is $1995.00 plus $250.00 shipping and handling for a total of $2245.00 delivered. Today you are being offered a $1000.00 Discount plus free shipping and handling. Therefore your price will be only $995 delivered. Financing is also available for only $59 a month for 20 months. To get financing, call the 800 number below.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied after 60 days, you may request and receive every cent of your purchase price back, no questions asked.

Your online transactions with BioTech Research® are safe.

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