GenesisBODY™ Ultimate Collagen Formula

GenesisBODY™ Ultimate Collagen Formula

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Getting the proper Collagen will provide you with younger skin, hair and nails. It will rebuild joints and relieve joint pain. It will help build strong, firmer muscles and provide thicker bones. 

Collagen sold in drugstores and health food stores for the most part is not effective. This is because this collagen is in a molecular form that is too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestines by osmosis. Only small molecule collagen can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestines by osmosis. This type of small molecule collagen is very expensive to produce.  GenesisBODY™ Ultimate Collagen Formula is small molecule collagen. It provides all of the 18 critical macronutrients. 

The most advanced scientific research on nutrients shows that you need 61 critical nutrients for good health and to maintain your body.  These are divided into 2 categories, micronutrients and macronutrients.  Today's processed food only provides 17 of these critical nutrients. Multiple vitamin pills and meal replacement drinks only provide 28 of these critical nutrients. The GenesisBODY™ advanced supplements work together to provide you with all 61 of these critical nutrients.

Recent estimates show that the vast majority of Americans get less than 20 of these critical nutrients. Most people have a bad diet. Food processing and cooking reduce these critical nutrients.

The GenesisBODY™ supplements are very expensive to produce and cannot be compared to store supplements. Store supplements are greatly lacking in the number of nutrients and quality. They are cheaply produced and not effective. You get what you pay for.

You will get a 30-day supply of  GenesisBODY™ Ultimate Collagen Formula.

The cost of the GenesisBODY™ Ultimate Collagen Formula is only $114.00 plus $10 shipping and handling for a total of $124.00 delivered. Right now you can get a $55.00 rebate, free shipping and handling and get the GenesisBODY™ Ultimate Collagen Formula for only $69.00 delivered.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. The GenesisBODY™ ultimate Collagen Formula has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied after 60 days, you may request and receive every cent of your purchase price back, no questions asked.

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