No Hunger Ultra Diet

No Hunger Ultra Diet

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BioTech Research® has developed the most advanced and effective weight loss diet ever.  It is the No Hunger Ultra Diet.  The No Hunger Ultra Diet has been clinically proven to reduce excess body fat super fast without going hungry.

All of the popular diets and the worthless free diets on the internet are doomed to failure for the following reasons.  Calorie reduction diets will cause your body to lower its metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories you burn per day, because the body perceives it is being starved and it must conserve body fat.  Calorie reduction also produces excess hunger and food cravings.  Weight loss diets that eliminate certain macronutrients such as carbohydrates will not work because carbohydrates are needed for the body to produce muscle, organs and other lean body mass from protein.  Therefore, the lean body mass that burns the most calories will shrink.  Weight loss diets that provide controlled portion meals do not work because the food is bland-tasting and has unbalanced nutrition.

There are a number of factors that cause excess body fat besides just overeating.  To stop the production of excess body fat, it matters what types of nutrition you get, when you consume it, and in what sequence you consume it.  One of the biggest factors that causes the body to produce excess body fat is the malfunction of production and processing of insulin by the body.  This not only causes excess body fat storage, but also causes the reduction of lean body mass.  Also, there are certain nutrients that reduce excess body fat storage and increase lean body mass production.

Also, today’s food lacks critical nutrients, which causes the body to have endless cravings for food because it is not getting the critical nutrients.

Also, weight loss diets need to be personalized, because one diet does not fit all people.

Major Clinical Study on the 

No Hunger Ultra Diet
Produces Sensational Results.

A major clinical study was conducted on the No Hunger Ultra Diet. This clinical study was conducted by BioTech Research and Cleveland Clinic doctors.  There were 28 overweight research subjects.  The research subjects were given complete physicals by the Cleveland Clinic doctors including blood work analysis before and after the clinical study. They only did minimal exercise.

The No Hunger Ultra Diet causes rapid weight loss faster than anything else past or present. In only 11 weeks women lost 6 dress sizes and men lost 6 pant sizes. The research subjects said they never went hungry. Most of the research subjects said they could not even eat all of the food prescribed in the diet.

It also greatly improves your health.  In only 4 weeks, the research subjects’ health improved dramatically. The research group of 28 people had these results as verified by Cleveland Clinic Medical Doctors’ examinations taken before and after they used The No Hunger Ultra Diet. The 28 clinical test subjects, in only 4 weeks, lost 220 pounds and 169 inches off their bodies. In only 11 weeks, this group lost 416 pounds and 356 inches off their bodies. In only 4 weeks, 75% of the research subjects dropped their blood pressure by an average of 27.50 points. Some dropped their blood pressure over 60 points. And, 81.50% dropped their cholesterol by an average of 36.57 points and some by over 100 points. One person in the group, a diabetic, dropped her glucose (blood sugar) by 39 points.

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