About Us

Biotech Research® develops, manufactures and promotes an entire line of health, fitness and weight loss products including exercise programs, weight loss programs, vitamins and nutritional supplements, exercise equipment, and additional products to help promote a healthy home environment.

Based in North Canton, Ohio along the I-77 corridor, Biotech Research® is a division of Suarez Industries Inc. The company has served millions of customers over their 40+ years in business as a multi-channel marketing company.

Biotech Research’s three-tier approach to business focuses on great customer experiences through Quality, Price and Service and above all, Integrity.


The greatest testament to our product and quality is our unconditional money-back guarantee. You may return Biotech Research® products for a full refund – no questions asked. We can offer this guarantee because every product we offer must pass our rigorous performance standards. It is that simple. Our customers are confident that they will receive a quality product each and every time they order. It is this customer confidence which has enabled us to grow. All Biotech Research® products carry at least a 30-day Money-back guarantee. Regrettably, we are unable to honor refund requests after guarantee has ended.

Price and Service

Competitive prices and unparalleled service are hallmarks of the Biotech Research® product line and Biotech Research’s parent company, SII. We continually strive to provide error-free friendly service, fast order processing and prompt attention to customer concerns. We pride ourselves on the fact that we surpass our competition’s service level and quality.


Biotech Research® and SII believe that success in the consumer arena is based upon developing a relationship with customers. Certainly, the key to building and maintaining customer relationships is trust earned by demonstrating the highest level of integrity. Integrity is the very core of our business ethic.

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