• Burns more calories and fat in 1 hour than over 5 hours of aerobic exercise.

• Makes you much stronger and faster than weightlifting exercise.

    A large number of new scientific studies have proven that Short Intense Resistance (SIR) Exercise provides 5.38 times more fitness and weight loss benefits than long aerobic exercise.

     These new studies found that SIR Exercise is best for maintaining and restoring muscle mass.

     Prominent health and fitness scientists have declared that “Muscle mass is ‘King’ for good health.”

     These studies have proven that adequate muscle mass greatly reduces your chance of getting a deadly disease and increases your chance to survive if you do.

     Adequate muscle mass powers up your immune system and greatly reduces your chance of being harmed by Covid-19 and other viruses and germs.

     Adequate muscle mass provides much better brain function and protects you from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

     There is also a new, advanced exercise machine which is the Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym. This is the best and most powerful gym in the world. When you do SIR Exercise on the Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym you get The Ultimate Exercise which is Nitroforce Exercise. If you are an athlete, Nitroforce Exercise makes you much stronger and faster than weightlifting exercise.

     For more details, here is my interview with Frank Campitelli, Certified Personal Trainer, who has conducted a number of clinical studies with Cleveland Clinic doctors on the effect of SIR Exercise on muscle mass, weight loss and good health.

     Q: Can you provide substantiation that long exercise is very inefficient and that Short Intense Resistance Exercise, called SIR Exercise, is 5.38 times more efficient to get fitness and weight loss benefits?

Nitroforce Exercise burns 5.38 times more calories and fat than aerobic exercise.

Provides both resistance exercise and aerobic exercise at the same time.

1 hour of Nitroforce Exercise burns more calories and fat than if you ran on a treadmill or pedaled an exercise bike for more than 5 hours.

New science finds that long aerobic exercise is inefficient and a very slow way to get fitness and weight loss benefits.

     A: Yes, and in a great amount which I will provide throughout this interview. Since much of this is very technical and scientific, I am also providing a professional dissertation that is available on the BioTech Research website. 

      New scientific evidence, which I will provide shortly, has proven conclusively that long aerobic exercise deteriorates muscle over time. It is contrary to natural design for physical activity for the vast majority of animals. The lion is the king of beasts. You would have to agree that nearly 100% of lions are fit and trim, right? Do you ever see lions running around in a circle for a long time 3 times a week getting aerobic exercise? No. Their physical activity involves high speed sprints to run down prey, then fighting to subdue the prey and then carrying off and consuming the prey. This is SIR Exercise. They then rest for long periods until they do it again. They maintain a large amount of muscle mass doing this throughout their life.

     Numerous new scientific studies by medical institutions and universities have proven conclusively that muscle mass is by far the biggest factor that determines good health and SIR Exercise is best to maintain and restore muscle mass.

     The top medical exercise scientists have now declared that, “Muscle mass is ‘King’ for good health.”

     Q: What is the substantiation for the declaration, “Muscle mass is ‘King’ for good health”?

     A: The new advanced studies on exercise and health have found that muscle plays a much larger role in body function than just supplying the power for body movement. These studies found that the health function of muscles in the body are many, including these big 7 functions:

1. Muscle serves a reservoir for repaired cells for other parts of the body, especially the brain.

2. Muscles produce hundreds of beneficial cytokines called myokines that greatly affect the health of the body. 

New scientific evidence finds that muscle mass is ‘King’ for good health.

• New science finds that SIR Exercise is best for maintaining and rebuilding lost muscle mass.

• New science finds that long aerobic exercise reduces muscle mass.

3. Skeletal Muscle has been suggested to pump 80% of blood through the body. Cardiologists will likely rebuke this statement, but how is a muscle the size of your fist pumping blood through hundreds of miles of veins and arteries in the human body? Hydrodynamically it does not make sense. The heart mainly controls blood flow. When you lose muscle mass, the heart must take on more of a pumping function and is overworked. This creates major health problems such as congestive heart failure, and then the heart becomes enlarged and distorts the valves which then do not function properly.

4. The mitochondria of the immune system cells are stimulated to grow in size and number from intense exercise. Loss of muscle mass creates loss of immunity power. Also, the lymphatic system does not work properly without muscular contractions to carry away toxins. High immune function equals long life span, fact.

5. Muscle mass determines bone mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more the body adapts with more bone mass to support the larger muscle mass.

6. Muscle contractions produce anti-inflammatory effects.

7. Muscle tissue burns a lot of calories even at rest. A pound of muscle burns upwards of 30 calories a day while a pound of fat only burns about 2 calories a day. So, for example, if you lose 10 lbs. of muscle, you will lose the burning of 300 calories a day. If you do not do resistance exercise, you will gradually lose the majority of your muscle as you age. You will take in more calories than you burn and you will gain excess body fat. Excess body fat is not only unsightly, but it also causes major health problems. This low muscle to high body fat ratio causes an imbalance with the cytokine communication between muscle and fat. This creates all kinds of problems for the rest of the systems as well that lead to most of all known non-communicable diseases.

     Q: Why does the body reduce the amount of muscle when you lower the demand on muscle?

     A: Because it is a steadfast law of nature that you “use it or lose it”. It’s all about adaptive stress. When the body perceives it is going to need more performance from a part of the body in the future from stress exposure, it increases the size of that part. When a body perceives it is going to need less performance from a part of the body from a lack of stress exposure, it reduces that part. This is called adaption. 

     This was really driven home in the NASA space program in the early years. When astronauts went into space, where there was no gravity to put demand on muscles, their muscles deteriorated rapidly in a few days and weeks. They had to be rehabilitated with resistance exercise to rebuild their muscles. Now NASA has resistance exercise equipment in the NASA Space Station. 

     One of the worst things that happens when you lose muscle mass is your immunity system’s effectiveness is reduced. This creates major health problems as borne out by numerous medical clinical studies. You become much more susceptible to disease and its harmful effects, such as the Coronavirus. These clinical studies show that adequate muscle mass will greatly increase your chances of not getting a major disease. And, these studies show that if you have adequate muscle mass, your chances of surviving a fatal disease such as cancer are multiplied greatly. 

     You are at much higher risk of serious health problems and even death from Covid-19 if you are overweight. 

     Q: What is the substantiation that SIR Exercise is the best type of exercise to maintain and restore muscle? 

     A: There is plenty of substantiation. Comparative studies show High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Sprint Interval Training (SIT) are good for getting fit and adding some muscle. But high intensity resistance training programs (body building) add more muscle. So a combination of high resistance training and sprint training is what SIR Exercise is. 

     Our company, BioTech Research, was one of the first, if not the first, to do clinical studies on the health benefits of SIR Exercise. BioTech Research did a clinical study in 1998 in association with Cleveland Clinic doctors on this subject. The research subjects were 28 overweight people. I developed a SIR Exercise program with no exercise equipment. It used a towel and a chair to use one part of the body to create resistance with another part of the body. It also had isometric resistance exercises. The exercise routine called for only 10 minutes of exercise a day, 5 days a week. This totaled only 50 minutes a week of exercise. The subjects also followed a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. At the beginning of the clinical study, the Cleveland Clinic doctors felt that there was little chance to get benefits from that low amount of exercise. But they were greatly surprised, as we were, at the end of the 11-week clinical study.

     The research subjects gained a large amount of muscle mass and lost a massive amount of body fat. In the results, women lost 6 dress sizes and men 6 pant sizes in 11 weeks, some in 4 weeks. The health benefits were overwhelming. They also greatly improved their health by lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and other bad health elements.

Here are the result details:

     The BioTech Research study research group of 28 people experienced these results as verified by Cleveland Clinic Medical Doctor’s examinations taken before and after they used our SIR Exercise Program. The 28 clinical test subjects, in only 4 weeks, lost a total of 220 pounds and 169 inches off their bodies. In only 11 weeks, this group lost 416 pounds and 356 inches off their bodies. In only 4 weeks, 75% of the research subjects dropped their blood pressure by an average of 27.50 points. Some dropped their blood pressure over 60 points. And, 81.50% dropped their cholesterol by an average of 36.57 points and some by over 100 points. One person in the group, a diabetic, dropped her glucose (blood sugar) by 39 points. The research subjects also averaged a gain of 4.92 pounds of muscle and lost 20.9 lbs. of body fat.

One of the many clinical studies that proved the effectiveness of SIR Exercise

Three of the 28 Research Subjects.

Research subjects dropped 6 dress sizes and 6 pant sizes in only 4 weeks to 11 weeks

In clinical studies, with 28 research subjects using the BioTech Research® Bronze Program conducted by Cleveland Clinic Medical Doctors, women lost 6 dress sizes in 4 to 11 weeks and men lost 6 pant sizes in 4 to 11 weeks. Three of the 28 research subjects are pictured above. They also greatly improved their health.

     After that, many other studies came out from medical institutions and universities that showed conclusively that SIR Exercise was by far the best type of exercise to provide maximum health.

     These scientific and clinical studies on SIR Exercise were carried out by many government agencies, medical institutions and universities, including The National Institutes of Health, Oxford University, McMasters University, the University of Florida, UCLA, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and many more too numerous to mention.

     You can get ultimate SIR Exercise results, as I do, using my Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym, which is the best and most powerful gym in the world. You then get The Ultimate Exercise which is Nitroforce Exercise. You can get fit and trim with only 20 minutes a week of Nitroforce Exercise. You can get super fit and trim with only 1 hour of Nitroforce Exercise.

     Q: What is your Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym and what is the substantiation that it is the best and most powerful gym in the world?

     A: About 12 years ago I developed the Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym that is now regarded by many exercise experts, including people in the military who are using it, as the best exercise machine in the world. It replaces an entire commercial gym. It exercises every major muscle in the body and provides up to 1,000 lbs. of resistance in small increments. It uses nitrogen gas for resistance, which is the best form of resistance. The nitrogen gas resistance rods provide resistance through the whole movement and the resistance increases as you progress through the movement, which is ideal.

     Another major benefit of the Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym is this. An exercise consists of a concentric movement and an eccentric movement. For example, when you do a bicep curl with a dumbbell, when you bring the dumbbell up and contract the biceps, that is a concentric contraction. When you let the dumbbell back down and extend the bicep, that is an eccentric contraction. It is known that the eccentric contraction is what causes muscle damage, a temporary increase in cortisol, and delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). The Nitroforce nitrogen gas springs minimize this effect by reducing the resistance during the eccentric movement and eliminating the momentum at the end of the range of motion, which minimizes those negative effects. 

     Many studies have proven that you do not need to damage muscle to grow muscle. The nitrogen gas spring also works better on the concentric contraction too. It has also been discovered that concentric contractions produce more lactate. And when you increase contraction pressure through this motion, more lactate is produced. More lactate equals more mitochondria stimulation and higher testosterone production, and that is what is needed to build muscle and increase fitness.

     The Nitroforce minimizes muscle soreness that you get with other exercise equipment. Therefore it provides a painless way to do resistance exercise.

     I have a gym with a number of my Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gyms, for which I have a number of clients. I have done a great deal of experimentation for what works best with less pain.

     Q: So you are saying that “No Pain, No Gain” is a myth?

     A: Yes, there is some discomfort temporarily when producing lactate under high contractions, but the days of soreness afterward are all but eliminated. How about a new saying like, “No Pain, More Gain”? Another benefit is being able to train with more frequency since the recovery from damage has been minimized. This equals more results as frequency of training is increased.

     I have been doing all kinds of resistance training for 40 years and I believe more people would do resistance training if it didn’t hurt so much afterward and leave them debilitated. When you are young you have the recuperative capacities to deal with this. As you get older you can’t recover as fast and it seems to hurt more for a longer time. The older one gets, the more important it is to do resistance training and that meant a lot of constant and inflammation pain. I’ve also done a great deal of experimentation for what works best for other age groups, fitness levels, and sports performance movements that require high velocity movements.

     Also, with the Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym you will not get injuries like you get with weights. 

     And Nitroforce Exercise is far superior to weightlifting exercise for strength and speed.

Nitroforce Exercise will make you stronger and faster than weightlifting exercise. 

Nitroforce is the superior strength and speed exercise.

Weightlifting exercise is an inferior form of exercise for strength and speed.

     Q: How is Nitroforce Exercise superior to weightlifting for strength and speed?

     A: Nitroforce Exercise will make you stronger and faster than weightlifting exercise. It will make you stronger than your sports opponent. You will be able to run faster, throw a baseball and football faster, and hit a baseball and golf ball much further.

     Nitroforce Exercise provides resistance through the whole movement rather than the uneven resistance of weightlifting. Nitroforce Exercise exercises both fast twitch and slow twitch muscles much better than weightlifting and also provides much better exercise for explosive moves and speed. It also provides cardiovascular benefits at the same time.

     Q: What were your results with Nitroforce Exercise?

     A: With Nitroforce Exercise, my clients had great loss of body fat, great muscle mass gain, and many health benefits. They greatly improved their physical and mental performance.

     I also have trained the CEO of BioTech Research, Ben Suarez, and his wife Nancy for over 30 years. They have a full resistance exercise gym in their home that I designed and installed 25 years ago and upgraded to a world class full gym 12 years ago along with other experts who design gyms for the NFL. Ben is 79 and Nancy is 77. They are living proof that resistance exercise is the King of all exercises. The majority of people their age are either dead, have great disabilities where they can hardly move, or are in nursing homes. Ben and Nancy do high-speed sprints (sprinting is SIR Exercise) and are stronger and faster than 90% of people in their 20s. For example, Ben leg presses 405 lbs. and bench presses 220 lbs. Nancy leg presses 250 lbs. and chest presses 100 lbs. They do heavy weights on all the other exercises that 90% of people in their 20s could not do.

     Another very critical benefit you get from SIR Exercise is this. Your bones will grow and get hard as steel to meet the muscle demand. Awhile ago, Ben came out of his Florida home onto a wet landing and fell down a long flight of concrete stairs. He had welts all over his body, but he did not break or fracture a single bone. More recently, Nancy was walking out of a restaurant and caught her high heel in a metal strip which flipped her and she fell down hard. She did not have a single broken bone or fracture.

     Now, the Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym provides better exercise benefits than their world-class gym.

     Q: Why does Nitroforce Exercise produce better results than long aerobic exercise and long resistance exercise?

     A: It was found that both long aerobic exercise and long resistance exercise produce a catabolic effect in the body. Catabolic means “tearing down.” When used over a long period, it causes more harm than good. 

     It was found that low intensity long duration aerobic exercise and traditional weight training produce a prolonged catabolic effect in the body. With the aerobic training the catabolic effect is reducing muscle mass along with reductions in fat, which is not good. With traditional weight training you do get the fat burning and muscle mass increase, but the inflammation and DOMS is not good. Constantly tearing your muscles down to be regenerated with new muscle cells from your stem cell pool is not good either. These stem cells are going to be needed later in life for all sorts of other systems.

     Also, aerobic exercise does not put enough demand on the muscles to increase muscle mass. If you do distance running, running or jogging on a treadmill, or exercise bikes, you will actually lose muscle mass. There are cardiovascular benefits provided by aerobic exercise, but it was found that SIR Exercise produces similar cardiovascular benefits and increases muscle mass at the same time. 

     And, very importantly, Nitroforce Exercise which provides the best SIR Exercise that does Muscle Max Out reps signals the body that it is going to need more muscle in the future. This signals the body’s adaption process which then triggers restoring and upgrading other systems. This positive chain reaction rebuilds bones, organs, and your neurological system, including your brain. And there’s another major benefit I think will get your attention. The same mechanism of muscle producing myokines also generates collagen, which is the building block of many body parts including tissues and skin. With Nitroforce Exercise, you will get younger-looking muscles and younger-looking skin as a bonus.

     Q: How does Nitroforce Exercise compare to long duration aerobic exercise with regard to weight loss? 

     A: There is no comparison. 

     To those who bought treadmills, steppers, ellipticals and exercise bikes I want to ask you, is it working? I can predict your answer will be “no”. That’s why you see so many treadmills, Nordictracks® and Pelotons® on eBay®.

     The big picture is this. You will build your body to be a high performance and fat loss machine. Make it a fat incinerating machine all the time instead of just when you workout.

     In our BioTech Research study with Cleveland Clinic Doctors, the 28 research subjects lost an average of 20.9 pounds of body fat in 11 weeks. This averaged out to 1.9 lbs. per week. When adjusted for the diet effects, the calories per week attributed to SIR Exercise was 3082 extra calories burned per week. One hour of typical long duration aerobic exercise running on a treadmill at 3.6 mph burns 573 calories. Dividing 573 calories into 3082 calories results in SIR Exercise producing 5.38 times the calorie burning of long aerobic exercise for one hour of exercise.

     Aerobic exercise stops burning calories as soon as you stop the exercise. SIR Exercise burns calories for up to 6 days after you stop the exercise due to the triggering of the adaption mechanism. Therefore, you would have to do 5.38 hours of aerobic exercise, such as running on a treadmill or pedaling an exercise bike, to get the same calorie burning of 1 hour of SIR Exercise. Also, aerobic exercise depletes muscle. SIR Exercise maintains and restores muscle. A pound of muscle burns 30 calories per day.

     The BioTech Research Clinical Study only used counter body resistance and isometrics resistance. The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym provides much more, much better resistance. Therefore you are going to get much better results with Nitroforce Exercise than was obtained with the no equipment exercise.

     Q: Will women get male-type muscles doing Nitroforce Exercise?

     A: No. Women do not have the male hormones to get male-type muscles. Women professional bodybuilders who get male–type muscles do that by taking anabolic steroids in excess. Some men professional bodybuilders also take excessive anabolic steroids to get extreme muscles. However, taking excess anabolic steroids, history has shown, can cause serious health problems later in life.

     With Nitroforce Exercise, women will get feminine-type muscles, which are longer and smoother than men’s. They will lift and round their butt and enlarge and lift their breasts by increasing the size of the pectoral muscle behind the breast. They will also beautifully shape their body. You cannot attractively shape a body with fat. You can only do it with muscle.

     With Nitroforce Exercise, men will shape their body in an attractive way into the desired V-shape.

     Q: Can senior citizens do SIR Exercise?

     A: Nitroforce Exercise provides the best and safest exercise for senior citizens. It will not cause injuries like weightlifting. And also, as previously explained, the Nitroforce resistance will not cause sore muscles like weightlifting. Science has shown that seniors greatly benefit from SIR Exercise. It rebuilds their muscles and bones. It restores their balance. Senior citizens falling resulting in a broken hip bone because they lose their balance and have thin and brittle bones is the leading cause of nursing home admissions.

The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym provides the best and safest exercise for senior citizens.


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